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« Une et divisible ? »

Plural Identities in Modern France


Edited By Barbara Lebrun and Jill Lovecy

This book offers a selection of the papers presented at the 2008 annual conference of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF), with chapters focusing on regional formation, European policy, the cultural landscape of Paris, the place of Maghrebi artists in popular music, the evolution of cultural policy regarding ‘popular’ culture, and filmic and novelised representations of desire, ethnicity and nationality.
Guided by postcolonial critique, this book takes as its starting point the recognition of multiple identities in modern and contemporary France, despite (and against) the traditional republican emphasis on national unification and the relegation of notions of ethnicity, sexuality and cultural difference to the so-called private sphere. While many publications have engaged with this topic, few juxtapose social and political issues with cultural approaches. This edited volume, by contrast, incorporates the work of specialists drawn from a broad range of academic disciplinary areas, including history, politics, literature and cultural studies, and shows how perceptions of the self and of the other as French have changed over the years, with an emphasis on the contemporary period (post-1945).


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Ackroyd, Peter 117 Action Catholique Lorraine 52 Agatha 217–19 Algeria 15, 19, 74, 142, 154 Algerian war 74, 179–84, 192, 195 Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) 192 see also Maghreb Alsace 45–9, 54, 56–9 altermondialisme 96, 108 Anderson, Benedict 203 Andréa, Yann 217 see also Duras, Marguerite androgyny 217, 229 see also drag annexation see Savoy anti-Semitism 180 see also Jewish Anzieu, Didier 230–1 Arab see ethnic minorities; immigrant Arabic 144, 149, 194 Aubert, Jean-Louis 137 Aubry, Martine 109 Auschwitz 189 auteur-compositeur-interprète see chanson autobiography 198, 207, 211, 216 autofiction 198 Aux Gémonies 223–37 Badel, Ronan 194 Baker, Josephine 132–4 Balzac, Honoré de 124 Barbara 137 Barroso, José-Manuel 109 Barrows, Susanna 30 Barthes, Roland 168–9 Basque country 203 Bastille see Faubourg Saint-Antoine; Opéra bébé 201–2 see also children; motherhood Beckenhaupt, Charles 49 Begag, Azouz 147, 192–3 Bellour, Raymond 164–5, 168 Benjamin, Jessica 217 Benjamin, Walter 121 Béron, Emile 58 Bersani, Leo 235 beur(s) 6, 142 fn 5, 143–57, 185 beurgeoisie, la 145 Bhabha, Homi 148, 150–1, 154, 156 bidonville 193 Birnbaum, Pierre 73 Blair, Tony 100–1 body, the 231–2 see also sex; skin Boiteux, Emile 53, 62 Bonafoux-Verrax, Corinne 52 Borel, Jacques 120 Borges, Jorge Louis 124 Bourcier, Marie-Hélenè 221 Bourdieu, Pierre 16, 124, 129, 131 Brami, Elisabeth 190 Brassens, Georges 136–7 Braudel, Ferdinand 16 Brecht, Bertolt 170–1 Brel, Jacques 136–7 Butler,...

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