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Southern Ireland and the Liberation of France

New Perspectives


Edited By Gerald Morgan and Gavin Hughes

This collection of essays sets out to correct an injustice to citizens of the Irish Free State, or Twenty-Six Counties, whose contribution to the victory against Nazi Germany in the Second World War has thus far been obscured. The historical facts reveal a divided island of Ireland, in which the volunteers from the South were obliged to fight in a foreign (that is, British) army, navy and air force. Recent research has now placed this contribution on a secure basis of historical and statistical fact for the first time, showing that the total number of Irish dead (more than nine thousand) was divided more or less equally between the two parts of Ireland.
The writers in this volume establish that the contribution by Ireland to the eventual liberation of France was not only during the fighting at Dunkirk in 1940 and in Normandy in 1944, but throughout the conflict, as revealed by the list of the dead of Trinity College Dublin, which is examined in one chapter. Respect for human values in the midst of war is shown to have been alive in Ireland, with chapters examining the treatment of shipwreck casualties on Irish shores and the Irish hospital at Saint Lô in France. Other essays in the volume place these events within the complex diplomatic network of a neutral Irish Free State and examine the nature and necessity of memorial in the context of a divided Ireland.


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Abbéville 74 Adair, James Logan 144 Aden 137 Admiral Scheer 121 Adrigole, Co. Cork 206 Airlanding Brigade, 6th 78, 89, 95 Airlanding light anti-aircraft Batteries 89 Albertas, H. 51 n122, 52, 52 n126, 54 Alesch, Mania 10 Alesch, Robert 10 Alexander, Sir Harold 71, 76–77 Algiers 26, 51, 52, 53 Allardyce, Ransome Macnamara 144 Allen, Charles 100 Allen, H.A. 66 Allen, John Henry 144 Alshyre, Jack 208 Alton, Ernest x Amaye-sur-Suelles 79 Ampleforth Journal, The 155 Anderson, Anne 119 n29 Andrews, G.L.W. 153 Angers 206–07 Anglo-Irish Agreement (1938) 24 n6 Anglo-Irish Treaty (1921) 184 Anton (? Cpl) 129 Antonescu, Ion Victor 57 Antrim, Co. 135, 136 Archdale, Michael [Mickey] 91, 95, 98, 99, 101 Archer, Liam 68 Ardagh Cemetery 141 Ardennes 71, 74 Argentina 190, 194 Arigho, J.E. 148 Armagh, Co. 135, 136 Army Air Corps 187, 188 Arnhem xiii n11, 15, 87 Arras 75 Arromanches 16 Ascain 33 Association Shanaghy 113 n19, 119 ATS, see Auxiliary Territorial Service Auschwitz 45 n98 Australia 137, 160, 189, 191, 194 Austria 137 Auxiliary Territorial Service 199, 200 Avion 75 Bade-Wurtemberg 26 n16 Bailey, Kenneth 143, 164–65 Bair, Deidre 11–12 Baker, William 91 Baldonnell Aerodrome 210 Balkans 106 Ballon Catholic Cemetery, Co. Carlow 139 Ballymena 172 n23 Banka Straits 200 Barr, Samuel [Sando] 92 Barry, Patrick 99 Basse-Normandie 19 Battle of Britain xiii, 161 Battle of Normandy 117, 205 Battle of the Bulge 101 Baudouin, Paul 34 Bayeux 207 BBC 87, 183 Index 218 Index Beaufrè, André 71 Bechuanaland...

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