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Alliteration in the Poetic Edda


Tadao Shimomiya

This book presents a detailed analysis of the alliteration of the whole of the Poetic Edda (or Elder Edda) of the Codex Regius, using the Germanic alliterative framework established by Andreas Heusler. The considerable regularity of the alliterative scheme is demonstrated, with only a handful of the corpus of approximately 7,300 long-lines falling outside of the rules identified, and therefore the appropriacy of Heusler’s system for understanding the structure of the Poetic Edda is confirmed.
The needs of the student of Old Icelandic poetic style have been foremost in mind in the presentation of this book. It includes an overview of sources not readily available to scholars as well as those not available in English. Copious examples are presented in Old Icelandic with English translation and supported by a select glossary of key Old Icelandic words into English. A Japanese language précis contains a select list of 100 alliterations that appear in the Poetic Edda.


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Glossary (Old Icelandic to English) 107


Glossary (Old Icelandic to English) A á¹ f. river [Goth.ahwa, L.aqua, G.Aue] á² prep. at, in, on; á annan veg the other way, backwards; á við to the woods; á þingi in council, are meeting [Goth.ana, E.on,, Gr.aná] á³ I have, he has ( of eiga) -a negative suf fix: var-a ‘was not’, vegra ‘he does not carry’ áðr conj. before aðrar (the) others ( of annarr) aðrir (the) others ( of annarr) af prep.adv. from, of, of f [of, of f, G.ab] Agnarr m. son of Hraudung, king of the Goths [OHG Eginheri] Ái m. ancestor of mankind (Rþ.2) [‘forefather’] aka (ók) st.6. to drive [L.ago, Gr.ágō] akr (rs) m. field [acre, G.Acker, L.ager, Gr.agrós] ala (ól) st.6. to nourish, give birth to [E.old] alaz (ólz) they grow up alda of the people ( of ǫld) Aldafǫðr m. ‘father of men’, Odin aldinfaldi a. (weak adj.) wearing an old-fashioned head-dress [faldr ‘woman’s head-dress’] aldinn a. old [originally pp. cf. ala ‘to beget, give birth to, bring up’] aldir (pl. of ǫld, alda) men, mankind aldr (rs) m. life, lifetime, age aldrdaga (acc. of aldrdagar ‘days of life’) um aldrdaga forever, through all time aldregi adv. never [aldri, of aldr ‘age, life-time’, negative suf fux -gi] 108 Glossary (Old Icelandic to English) aldri¹ (dat. of aldr) Hǫdr mun Baldr aldri ræna Hod will deprive Baldr of life (will kill Baldr) aldri² adv. never [lost suf fix -gi ‘not’, not in one’s life] Álfheimr m....

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