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Religion Revealed

Christianity and Modernity

John R. Elford

This book is written for a generation curious about religion, largely ignorant of what it actually is and confused by signals about it in the modern world. The argument is, therefore, self-explanatory throughout. The first half explains the historic and worldwide phenomenon of religion in its major manifestations. It also discusses problems with religion. The second part focusses on Christianity, showing how it can be professed with intellectual integrity and to personal and social benefit. Whilst the author is critical of some forms of contemporary Christianity, he draws throughout on the Bible and Christian tradition in its reconstruction. Care is given in defining modernity and explaining how Christianity engages with some of life’s central concerns and responsibilities. In this the book shows how the Christian understanding of how to live responsibly and to the full remains as vibrant and relevant as it has ever been.


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Abraham 35 Albert, St The Great 52 Amos 37 Anselm, St of Canterbury 96 Anti-Semitism 40, 80 Apostolic Council 179 Aquinas, St 53 Aristotle 52 Arius 127 Arnold, Matthew 130 Artha 33 Assyria 37 Augustine, St of Canterbury 143, 141 Augustine, St of Hippo 51, 96, 111 Avatars 34 Ayer, A.J. 40, 141 Babylon 37 Baptism 181, 183 Belief 126 f f Bentham, Jeremy 158 Betjeman, John 138 Bin Laden Osama 13 Bonaventura, St 52 Bonhoef fer, Dietrich 101 Bohler, Peter 55 Brahma 34 Bridgewater, Duke of 88 Buddhism 27 f f, 154 Bultmann, Rudolph 103, 37, 137 Bush President 12, 39 Caird, Edward 19 f f Certainty Religious 83 Chalcedon, Council of 50 Christian Uniqueness 107 f f Clement, of Alexandria 96 Creation 65 Camus, Albert 112 Common Prayer, Book of 186 Conf lict of religions 4, 41 Constantine, Emperor 50, 84 Constantinople, Council of 51 Crossan, John D. 104 Cupitt, Don 130 Cyrus, King 37 Darwin, Charles 19 David, King 36 Dawkins, Richard 76 Descartes, Rene 133 Devi 32 Dewey, John 148 f f Drake, Francis 79 Ecumenism 56 Edward I, King 186 Eliot, Thomas Stearns 147 Elizabeth I, Queen 55, 186 Ellis, Marc H 69 Emmet, Dorothy 132 Environment 87 f f Evil 108 Evolution 19 f f Faith 126, 178 Feminist theology 169 f f Fideism 143, 146 Filioque clause 51 206 Index Luke, St, Gospel 47 Luther, Martin 40 Macintyre, Alisdair 173 Mackinnon, Donald 14 f f Macmurray, John 133 f f Magisterium 171 Mansel,...

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