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Researching Intertextual Reading


Stephen Bax

Intertextuality in reading – namely the way in which written texts refer to other texts – has recently attracted attention in the field of linguistics and related disciplines. This book offers a unique look at the operation of intertextuality in real-world texts and the role of readers’ cognitive processes in responding to intertextuality.
The first part of the book presents innovative research into how intertextuality operates within a corpus of authentic texts. It then draws on that analysis to propose a comprehensive framework by means of which types of intertextual reference in texts can be classified and explained. The second part provides a rare example of an empirical research study into readers’ cognitive processes as they encounter intertextuality.


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Appendix 1: Types of Text to which Reference Was Made (T1) This table details the types of texts to which reference was made (T1) by other texts (T2) Type of text referred to (T1) (Examples are of the T1. Numbers refer to the T2 which refers to it.) Totals 1. Title of book/ film/ song/ play / newspaper / dance Examples: The iceman cometh – 98, 100 Of mice and men – 124 Take 5 – 197 Stand by your man – 261 Death in Venice – 268 81 2. Figure of speech or idiom Examples: I don’t know much about art but I know what I like – 116 Other fish to fry – 151 Save for a rainy day – 152 Grinning from ear to ear – 153 Is there a doctor in the house? – 166, 172 It’s all Greek to me – 177 Je ne sais quoi – 178 45 3. Characters and concepts Examples: Tooth fairy – 113 Batman – 114 Big bad wolf – 183 33 4. Quotation from particular character/context Examples: Saddam Hussein – Mother of all battles – 11, 248, 249 Margaret Thatcher – U-turn if you want to – 39, 147 Caesar: I came, I saw, I conquered – 105 Star Trek – 127, 220, 313 23 346 Appendixes Type of text referred to (T1) (Examples are of the T1. Numbers refer to the T2 which refers to it.) Totals 5. Bible Examples: Seek and ye shall find – 222 Workstation shall speak unto workstation – 223 20 6. Sayings/ proverbs Examples: No strings attached – 48 Many hands make light work – 117, 128 All...

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