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The Anthology in Portugal

Literature, Translation and the Margins

Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta, Margarida Vale de Gato and Maria de Sampaio

Following on from Patricia Anne Odber de Baubeta’s The Anthology in Portugal: A New Approach to the History of Portuguese Literature (2007), these new essays explore further the issues of reception, translation and canonicity. The three authors have produced complementary studies that focus on the role of anthologies in promoting international literary exchange, evaluate the relationship between the literary canon and literature at the margins, and flag up the importance of cover art in conditioning reader expectations.
The first part of the book examines both collections of translated short stories considered suitable for children, even if originally written for an adult readership, and, in contrast, high-quality anthologies for older readers, produced in the context of a transnational publishing franchise. The second section offers a thorough analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s reception in Portugal, including where, how and by whom he was disseminated. The history of Poe in Portuguese also sheds valuable light on the broader history of translation and translation anthologies in Portugal. The final part of the volume charts mystery and detective stories selected and translated for Portuguese anthologies and magazines by the leading cultural mediators of the 1940s and 1950s, with an assessment of their contribution to literature in Portugal.


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ABC Policial 315–323 advice to readers 318 aims and purposes 316–323 criticism of 322 primary sources 317 puzzles and problems 318 stories selected 317–318, 319–321 Acção Católica 13, 14, 32, 33, 49 Achard, Amédée 157 adult approval and censorship of chil- dren’s books 10–17 aesthetic function 250–251 Afrodite 183–184, 190 Antologia de Poesia Portuguesa Erótica e Satírica 184 Antologia do Conto Abominável 183, 184, 190 Antologia do Conto Fantástico Portugues 184 Kâma-Sùtra 184 Alberty, Ricardo da Costa Rosa 12, 28, 31, 131 Albuquerque, Mência Mouzinho de 158, 178, 179, 180, 200–201, 215, 218 Alfieri 118, 126 Allingham, Margery 290, 293, 299, 345, 358, 391, 395 ‘O Caso da Linha Divisória’ 299, 345, 397 Almanaque de O Gato Preto, O 402, 405 ‘Poema Policial’ 407–408 surrealism 406 ‘almanaques’ 317 Almeida, Bento de 382 Almeida Flor, João 129 Alquier, Aline 141 Alzira Seixo, Maria 23 Amado, Milton 186 Amazon 50 Amboni, Maddalena 26 American cultural inf luence 231–232 Anacleto, Marta Texeira 129, 131 Andersen, Hans Christian 5, 12, 51 ‘Antologia do Conto Moderno’ 283 n118, 284, 326 Antologia do Conto Policial 325–335 categories of stories 325–326, 327–328 introductions 326, 328–329 and personal tastes of Lima da Costa 330–331 preface by Lima da Costa 162 selected stories 330–331, 332 Antologia Policial Corvo 323–325 selected authors 325 ‘Antologias Universais’ 233, 254, 303 Antónia,...

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