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Political, Religious and Social Conflict in the States of Savoy, 1400–1700


Edited By Sarah Alyn Stacey

Taking conflict as its collective theme, this book brings together the work of early modern specialists to offer a range of insights into the political, social and religious climate in Savoy between 1400 and 1700. The contributors focus on the broader context of early modern European history, making clear the sometimes overlooked political and historical significance of Savoy. The volume explores the diverse mechanisms whereby political, social and religious conflicts were articulated with reference to a wide range of primary sources, many of which are unpublished. The chapters offer important perspectives on subjects such as: the diplomatic relations between the court of Savoy and certain foreign powers during a time of European unrest; the role of propaganda; the construction of national and religious identities; and persecution and resistance, notably in relation to the Reformation and the Waldensians. The conclusions that are established advance a better understanding of the history of Savoy and of the broader conflicts shaping Europe in the early modern period.


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Sarah Alyn Stacey An Edition of the Apologie de Marc-Claude de Buttet pour la Savoie (1554)


Editorial Practice For the text I have used the only extant copy. This is conserved at the Bibliothèque municipale, Lyons: Rés. 358137:1APOLOGIE// DE MARC// CLAVD.DE BVTTET.// POVR LA SAVOIE// Contre les iniures// & calumnies de// Bartholomé// Aneau.// A LYON,// Chez Angelin Benoist.// M.V.LIIII. In–8°, A–B8. 16 fols (unpaginated). In editing the text, I have followed the following conventions: Orthography – I have added the hyphen and the cedilla where they would be found in modern usage. – I have dif ferentiated j from i and u from v. – I have added acute and grave accents respectively, notably at the end of participles, and to signal prepositions, e.g., à, voilà, and dès, and the adverbs où, là, and jà. 1 This is the source also of Mugnier’s transcription in his monograph on Buttet (‘Marc- Claude de Buttet’, 111–32). However, for the section of the Apologie which reproduces Aneau’s preface, he bases his transcription on a copy in Grenoble (see supra, 80 n. 9 ). This presents some minor divergence from the version in the Apologie and I have indicated this in my edition. 98 Sarah Alyn Stacey – I have added a diaeresis according to modern usage and have added one to the words poёte and paϊs. – I have transcribed long s as s. – I have resolved all abbreviations (with the exception of &, which pre- sents no dif ficulty for the modern reader) and conf lations: tresillustre to tres illustre, for example. – I have retained all...

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