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Ghosts – or the (Nearly) Invisible

Spectral Phenomena in Literature and the Media


Edited By Maria Fleischhack and Elmar Schenkel

In this volume, ghost stories are studied in the context of their media, their place in history and geography. From prehistory to this day, we have been haunted by our memories, the past itself, by inklings of the future, by events playing outside our lives, and by ourselves. Hence the lure of ghost stories throughout history and presumably prehistory. Science has been a great destroyer of myth and superstition, but at the same time it has created new black boxes which we are filling with our ghostly imagination. In this book, literature from the Middle Ages to Oscar Wilde and Neil Gaiman, children’s stories, folklore and films, ranging from the Antarctic and Russia to Haiti, are covered and show the continuing presence of spectral phenomena.

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Series Index

ALPH: Arbeiten zur Literarischen Phantastik / APLH: Approaches to Literary Phantasy

Herausgegeben von / Edited by Elmar Schenkel und / and Maria Fleischhack

Bd. / Vol. 1    Fanfan Chen: Fantasticism. Poetics of Fantastic Literature. The Imaginary and Rhetoric. 2007.
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Bd. / Vol. 5    Fanfan Chen / Thomas Honegger (eds.): Good Dragons are Rare. An Inquiry into Literary Dragons East and West. 2009.
Bd. / Vol. 6    Franziska Burstyn: The Myth of Cokaygne in Children’s Literature. The Consuming and the Consumed Child. 2011.
Bd. / Vol. 7    Julia Kunz: Intertextuality and Psychology in P. L. Travers's Mary Poppins Books. 2014.
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Bd. / Vol. 9    Maria Fleischhack / Elmar Schenkel (eds.): Ghosts – or the (Nearly) Invisible. Spectral Phenomena in Literature and the Media. 2016.