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Contemporary Approaches in Education and Communication

Edited By Hasan Arslan, Mehmet Ali Içbay, Alejandro J. Gallard and S. Lizette Ramos

This book presents a collection of papers written by researchers, teachers, administrators, analysts and graduate students working and doing research in the field of social sciences. The scientific studies include a wide range of topics from the analysis of social science textbooks to the teacher image in newspapers, the relationship between self-efficacy and cognitive level and the role of organizational silence on the loneliness of academics in work life.

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The Importance of Pre Reading Tasks in Reading Comprehension of ESL learners and a Course-Book Evaluation: Sunshine 7 (Özlem Alpar)


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Özlem Alpar

The Importance of Pre Reading Tasks in Reading Comprehension of ESL learners and a Course-Book Evaluation: Sunshine 7


Most English teachers are familiar with the notion of receptive skills and productive skills. The receptive skills are listening and reading. Learners do not produce language to do these, they just need to receive and understand them. However, for productive skills which are speaking and writing, students need to produce something. Turkish students usually complain that they have difficulties with the productive skills. “The relationship between receptive and productive skills is a complex one, with one set of skills naturally supporting another” (Masdugi, 2009). For example, it is very difficult to become a good writer without being a good reader or a good speaker without being a good listener. This paper, therefore, focuses on one of the receptive skills: reading.

Reading is one of the best things that humans have invented. We were never born to do it, but it has become an indispensable part of our lives. We usually start to read in our first language at a very early age. After a while we gain the ability to read with little effort. However, in the later years of our education, many of us need to learn to read in more than one language. This process seems to be more difficult as we find it hard to transfer our L1 reading ability to L2 reading. As ESL...

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