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Tradition and Innovation in Language and Linguistics

A Coserian Perspective


Cristinel Munteanu

This volume consists of twelve studies thematically grouped into three parts: (1) Linguistics and Philosophy of Language, (2) Hermeneutics and Text Linguistics, and (3) Lexicology and Phraseology. The phrase «tradition and innovation» characterizes almost all the texts included here, since tradition and innovation are present both at the level of the object (language) and at the level of its research (linguistics). The dominant theoretical perspective is the «Coserian» one, since the author borrowed from Eugenio Coseriu’s linguistic theory a series of essential concepts and distinctions regarding language and culture.

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VII. From B.P. Hasdeu’s Noematology to E. Coseriu’s Skeology


1. After having been published (in 1968), the monograph B.P. Hasdeu. Lingvist şi filolog, written by Cicerone Poghirc, was characterized, in general, in praiseworthy terms. However, two reviews (published in 1969) written by Iorgu Iordan did not go in the same vein. He (as he did in other situations as well) tried to minimize Hasdeu’s merits regarding linguistics. Irritated by the fact that – blaming the limits of the respective book – Iordan would criticize the exceptional value of Hasdeu’s theories, Poghirc replied to Iordan’s criticisms and objections in an article, point by point.

However, I am not interested here in the respective polemics, but in Poghirc’s reaffirming the conviction (once more with this occasion), according to which “Hasdeu is, undoubtedly, the author of some great and genuine ideas” (Poghirc 1970: 165). In fact, resenting another imputation, C. Poghirc would state that he did not show any criticism to Hasdeu, in virtue of the fact that he wanted to select “only those great ideas and ingenuous methods, which, even today, more than half a century later, still prove to be just and fruitful” (ibid.).

It is this very “just and fruitful” idea – which Cicerone Poghirc could not have observed 45 years ago – that I intend to deal with in this exegetic material. It is about Hasdeu’s proposal regarding the institution of a linguistic science, namely noematology, a proposal which anticipates another scientific project, a more recent one, skeology, which belongs to Eugenio Coseriu, another Romanian genius....

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