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Adult Education and Work Contexts: International Perspectives and Challenges

Comparative Perspectives from the 2017 Würzburg Winter School


Edited By Regina Egetenmeyer and Monica Fedeli

Adult education has deep connections with employment contexts. This volume discusses interrelations within transnational contexts studied during the Würzburg Winter School on Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (COMPALL). The book shows that adult education and work contexts are influenced by international and transnational developments. The findings are presented in three chapters: Lifelong Learning Policies Targeting Employment Contexts; Transnational Perspectives on Lifelong Learning Policies; Employment Perspectives and Professionalisation in Adult Education.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Bernd Käpplinger & Steffi Robak

Adult Education for work and beyond

Regina Egetenmeyer & Monica Fedeli

Adult learning and employability: International research and practice

Lifelong Learning Policies Targeting Employment Contexts

Jan Schiller, Sabine Schmidt-Lauff & Fabio Camilloni

Comparing temporal agendas of policies and institutions in (work-related) adult education

Arunima Chauhan, Hyejin Bak, Shreelakshmi Subbaswamy & Vijay Kumar Dixit

Lifelong learning and skill development policies and programmes: A comparison between India and South Korea

Shalini Singh, Leonardo Silveira & Janiery da Silva Castro

Comparing the Continuing Vocational Education and Training Policies of Italy, Brazil, and India: What could be compared and what could not be compared, and why?

Transnational Perspectives on Lifelong Learning Policies

Reinhard Lechner, Mari Liis Räis, Nitish Anand, Ahmet Murat Yetkin & Paula Guimarães

The influence of PIAAC results on (inter-)national adult education policy: A critical discussion of Austria and Estonia

Lisa Breitschwerdt & Vicheth Sen

Implementing National Qualifications Frameworks: Difficulties in Cambodia and Germany

Vanna Boffo, Azeez Babatunde Adebakin & Carlo Terzaroli

Supporting entrepreneurship in higher education for young adults’ employability: A cross-border comparative study

Employment Perspectives and Professionalisation in Adult Education

Christin Cieslak, Rute Ricardo, Jenny Fehrenbacher, Bharti Praveen & Kira Nierobisch

Between educating and teaching: The professional identity of adult educators. A transnational comparison between Portugal, India, and Germany

Gaia Gioli, Nicoletta Tomei, Ashok Kumar & Sunita Sijwali

The development of employability skills in higher education curricula: A transnational comparison

Robert Jjuuko, Zahia Alhallak & Concetta Tino

Learning and work: Efficacy of university internships for syrian and ugandan education students

Bolanle C. Simeon-Fayomi, Elizabeth A. Ajayi, Nikola Koruga & Geetanjali Baswani

Enhancing employability through innovative teaching methods in adult learning and education: A comparative study of Nigeria and India