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La reciprocidad entre lengua y cultura en las sociedades andinas

Estudios de romanística, lingüística y antropología americana


Edited By Kerstin Störl, Teresa Valiente Catter and Eva Gugenberger

Las actuales dinámicas lingüístico-culturales de las sociedades andinas se caracterizan por corrientes parcialmente contradictorias. Por un lado, diversas formas de expresión circulan en un "hiperespacio global", por otro se enfatiza lo local que se manifiesta en una creciente conciencia emancipadora de la propia identidad andina. El volumen reúne estudios de distintos enfoques bajo el concepto cultural turn en los que se intenta comprender, analizar y valorar esta acelerada dinámica lingüístico-cultural. El compromiso especial de las editoras es presentar no solo el análisis de las lenguas y las culturas de la región andina, sino también contribuciones escritas en lengua quechua con traducción española. Esto es un comienzo y una aventura con el fin de estimular la comunicación inter y transcultural.

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Mama Kinuwap Paqarisqanmanta. Yachachinakuypi qhichwa simipi iñiy t’aqwiriypa chanin kasqan (Nonato Rufino Chuquimamani Valer (Cuzco) / Carmen Gladis Alosilla Morales (Cuzco):)


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Mama Kinuwap Paqarisqanmanta

Yachachinakuypi qhichwa simipi iñiy t’aqwiriypa chanin kasqan

The origin of the quinua Analysis of a quechua myth and its pedagogical importance

Figura 1: Quinua. Foto: Kerstin Störl

We present the myth of the origin of the quinua mother in quechua with a Spanish translation. In this myth it is told that the quinua comes from the Moon and was delivered to us by the damage caused to our potato field. Potatoes are products of the Earth. Therefore, there is an exchange, there is reciprocity of products and services. The children of different educational institutions listened to the myth and reconstructed it individually or in a chain, telling the story by parts: one begins, then another continues and so they all rebuild the whole story. They selected actors and staged it. The content and the arguments of the text were used to work the different curricular areas. The suggestions for it were validated with great success, except for the preparation of quinoa flour muffins, which presented some difficulty. By planning this work as an educational project its realization can yield excellent learning.

Anti llaqtakunapiqa runaqa chiriwanpas, ruphaywanpas; qasawanpas, chikchiwanpas, rit’iwanpas, Pacha Mamanchikpa huk wawankunawanpas kawsaytaqa yachanñam, riqsinñam. Kay pachakunapiqa wakin wata sinchita paran, wakin watakunañataq sinchita ch’akirin; ichaqa Pacha Mamap, Tayta Intip munakuyninwanqa kawsayninchikqa qispirillanmi. Hukkunawan kawsaytaqa yachananchikmi, allin...

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