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Futures Past. Economic Forecasting in the 20th and 21st Century


Edited By Ulrich Fritsche, Roman Köster and Laetitia Lenel

Few areas in economics are as controversial as economic forecasting. While the field has sparked great hopes for the prediction of economic trends and events throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, economic forecasts have often proved inaccurate or unreliable, thus provoking severe criticism in times of unpredicted crisis. Despite these failures, economic forecasting has not lost its importance. Futures Past considers the history and present state of economic forecasting, giving a fascinating account of the changing practices involved, their origins, records, and their implications. By bringing together economists, historians, and sociologists, this volume offers fresh perspectives on the place of forecasting in modern industrial societies, thereby making a broader claim for greater interdisciplinary cooperation in the history of economics.

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Literatur – Kultur – Ökonomie

Literature – Culture – Economy

Herausgegeben von / Edited by

Christine Künzel, Axel Haunschild, Birger P. Priddat,

Thomas Rommel, Franziska Schößler und / and Yvette Sánchez

Bd./Vol.    1Franziska Schößler: Femina Oeconomica: Arbeit, Konsum und Geschlecht in der Literatur. Von Goethe bis Händler. 2017.
Bd./Vol.    2Yvette Sánchez (Hrsg.): Business-Fiktionen und Management-Inszenierungen. 2018.
Bd./Vol.    3Manuel Pombo: Trueques discursivos entre Literatura y Management. 2019.
Bd./Vol.    4Franziska Jekel / Anna-Katharina Krüger / Myriam-Naomi Walburg (eds.): Writing (for) the Market. Narratives of Global Economy. 2020.
Bd./Vol.    5Ulrich Fritsche / Roman Köster / Laetitia Lenel (eds.): Futures Past. Economic Forecasting in the 20th and 21st Century. 2020.

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