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The Beginnings of Polish Musicology


Małgorzata Sieradz

The book presents the history of the only strictly scientific Polish musicological periodical Kwartalnik Muzyczny. It shows how the editorial board of the periodi-cal met with true approval and harsh criticism. The subject allows the author to present the beginnings of Polish musicology and its evolution through three epochs: the late partitioning period, the interwar period of Poland’s independ-ence, and the early years after the Second World War
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Eastern European Studies in Musicology

Edited by Maciej Gołąb

Vol. 1

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Vol. 2

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Vol. 3

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Vol. 4

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Vol. 5

Bogusław Raba: Between Romanticism and Modernism. Ignacy Jan Paderewski´s Compositional OEuvre. Translated by John Comber. 2015.

Vol. 6

Maciej Gołąb: Musical Modernism in the Twentieth Century. Translated by Wojciech Bońkowski. 2015.

Vol. 7

Wojciech Bońkowski: Editions of Chopin’s Works in the Nineteenth Century. Aspects of Reception History. 2016.

Vol. 8

Ivana Perković / Franco Fabbri (eds.): Musical Identities and European Perspective. An Interdisciplinary Approach. 2017.

Vol. 9

Bożena Muszkalska (ed.): The Kolbergs of Eastern Europe. 2018.

Vol. 10

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Vol. 11

Tomasz Jeż: The Musical Culture of the Jesuits in Silesia and the Kłodzko County (1581– 1776). 2019.

Vol. 12

Magdalena Walter-Mazur: Musical Culture of Polish Benedictine Nuns in the 17th and 18th Centuries. 2018.

Vol. 13

Danuta Popinigis: Carillons and Carillon Music in Old Gdańsk. 2019

Vol. 14

Andrzej Tuchowski: Nationalism, Chauvinism and Racism as Reflected in European Musical Thought and in Compositions from the Interwar Period. 2019.

Vol. 15

Ludwik Bielawski: Time in Music and Culture. 2019.

Vol. 16

Barbara Literska: Nineteenth-Century Transcriptions of Works by Fryderyk Chopin. Translated by John Comber. 2019

Vol. 17

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Vol. 18

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Vol. 19

Alicja Jarzębska: Strawinski – Thoughts and Music. 2020

Vol. 20

Małgorzata Sieradz: The Beginnings of Polish Musicology. Translated by Lindsay Davidson. 2020.

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