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After the Fall

On the Writings of Czesław Miłosz


Tomasz Garbol

Tomasz Garbol’s book reconstructs Czesław Miłosz’s poetic vision of the world after the Fall. The entry point to this approach is the conviction about the ambivalence of previous interpretations of Miłosz’s works, especially about his bipolar poetic worldview (his intellectual and existential division between pessimism and ecstasy) and his understanding of the consequences of the Fall (reversible or fatalistic). The book is a literary studies take on the relationship between literature and religion. The main direction is that Miłosz’s main need in art comes from his yearning for contact with the meaning of reality, which he seeks in the activity of poetic imagination.

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Cross-RoadsStudies in Culture, Literary Theory, and History

Edited by Ryszard Nycz

Vol.    1 Małgorzata Budzowska: Phaedra – Ethics of Emotions in the Tragedies of Euripides, Seneca and Racine. Translated by Adriana Grzelak-Krzymianowska. 2012.

Vol.    2 Andrzej Zawadzki: Literature and Weak Thought. Translated by Stanley Bill (in consultation with Benjamin Koschalka). 2013.

Vol.    3 Maria Janion: Hero, Conspiracy, and Death: The Jewish Lectures. Translated by Alex Shannon. 2014.

Vol.    4 Grzegorz Grochowski / Ryszard Nycz (eds.): From Modern Theory to a Poetics of Experience. Polish Studies in Literary History and Theory. 2014.

Vol.    5 Anna Nasiłowska (ed.): Wisława Szymborska´s poetry. Choice of Essays. Translated by Karolina Krasuska and Jędrzej Burszta. 2015.

Vol.    6 Zdzisław Łapiński (ed.): “Miłosz Like the World”. Poet in the Eyes of Polish Literary Critics. Translated by Grzegorz Czemiel. 2015.

Vol.    7 Włodzimierz Bolecki: A World Apart by Gustaw Herling. Translated by Agnieszka Kołakowska. 2015.

Vol.    8 Jakub Momro: Literature of Consciousness. Samuel Beckett – Subject – Negativity. Translated by Jan Pytalski and Cain Elliott. 2015.

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