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The ‘Other’ in Karl Rahner’s Transcendental Theology and George Khodr’s Spiritual Theology

Within the Near Eastern Context


Sylvie Avakian

According to Karl Rahner’s transcendental theology, God is present in the inner reality of every being. Salvation is therefore possible for all. The author proposes a hermeneutical key to be applied on Rahner’s works, based on the assumption that there are two different theological motives or claims in Rahner’s theology. Furthermore the author presents George Khodr’s position concerning the non-Christian religions, particularly Judaism and Islam, within the contemporary Near-Eastern context. Khodr, based on the Patristic heritage of the Eastern Church, makes salvation possible for the ‘Other’ – Christ is the horizon of every human yearning for love and freedom. The ‘Other’ in this sense is the symbol for divine presence in one’s life. It is the very recognition of God, seeing God in the face of the ‘Other’.


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Complete References to the works cited in this study are given in the Bibliography. On Karl Rahner FCF Foundations of Christian Faith HW Hearer of the Word SW Spirit in the World TI Theological Investigations On the Contemporary Lebanese Thinkers Some of the primary resources of this part are referred to in the footnotes by their publishing dates. G. Khodr, 1971 “Christianity in a Pluralistic World – The Economy of the Holy Spirit”, The Ecumenical Review G. Khodr, 1973 “Ila masyy bild” [To the Christians of my Homeland], pp. 9-12 and “Al-teknolojya wal-adlah al-ijtimiyyah” [Technology and Social Justice], pp. 129-153 in Khodr G., addd G., Duwayh H., Maqdis A., Al-kansah fl-lam [The Church in the World] G. Khodr, 1979 Law akaytu masr al-uflah [If I Recount the Paths of Childhood] G. Khodr, 1981 “Al-masyyah al- arabiyyah wal-gharb” [Arab Christianity and the West], pp. 81-97 in Khoury E. (ed.) Al-masyyn al-arab: dirst wa munqasht [The Arab Christians: Studies and Debates] G. Khodr, 1982 Al-ru yah al- urthdhksiyyah lil-lh wal-insn [The Orthodox View of God and the Human Being] G. Khodr, 1985 (a.) adth al- aad: al-lh wal-qurb [Sunday’s Word: God and Kinship], vol.1. (The four volumes of adth al- aad contain the early articles of G. Khodr, which were published in the sixties and later were collected and 14 republished in these four volumes. In all references from these volumes the title of the referred article with its original date of publishing will be given.) G. Khodr, 1985 (b.) adth al- aad:...

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