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Deconstructing Barth

A Study of the Complementary Methods in Karl Barth and Jacques Derrida


Isolde Andrews

This original and perceptive study draws out the relevance of Jacques Derrida's thought about deconstruction, différance and the gift for Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics. These are particularly important for apprehending Barth's doctrine of salvation, which is the particular focus of this book. Derrida's insights are also shown to illuminate the way in which Barth speaks of complex events such as revelation which cannot be thematised by rational thought. This significant interpretation of Karl Barth indicates his affinity with postmodern thought. It will be of interest to those who are studying the relationship between theology and postmodernism, particularly the complex borders between the thematisable and non-thematisable.


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Peter Fulljames God and Creation in intercultural perspective Dialogue between the Theologies of Barth, Dickson, Pobee, Nyamiti and Pannenberg Frankfurt!M., Berlrn, Bern, New York, Pans, Wren, 1993. IX, 190 pp. Stud res in the Intercultural History of Chnstianity. Vol. 86. Responsrble Edrtor: Walter J. Hollenweger ISBN 3-631-45609-3 pb DM 64.--* Afr;can Chrrst;an theolog;es a;m to contextual;se the gospel in Afrrcan cultures, yet they also have much to offer to the development of sys- tematic theology elsewhere. In this book the responses of Barth and of Pannenberg to the question of how God IS related to the world are an- alysed and then re-formulated. This IS done through 1nteract1on w1th the themes of commun;ty, l;fe and co-creat;v;ty which emerge in inter- pretation of D;ckson, Pobee and Nyamiti. The discussion makes use of Tanner's rules for Christian language about God and creat;on, and the methods of the Afncan theologies are dist;ngu;shed 1n a new classifica- tion of models of contextualisat;on, wh1ch 1s compared with the work of Schre;ter and wtth Frei's typology of modern theology. The conclud- rng development of Pannenberg's theology is shown to be relevant to top1cs much debated rn the late twentieth century the envrronmental cris1s, the relationship of science and religious belief, the nature of human freedom, and the problem of ev;l. Contents: Discuss;on of methods and themes of Barth, D;ckson, Pobee, Nyam1t1 and Pannenberg. Peter Lang .£. Europaischer Verlag...

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