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«Poor Green Erin»

German Travel Writers’ Narratives on Ireland from Before the 1798 Rising to After the Great Famine- Texts Edited, Translated and Annotated by Eoin Bourke

Edited By Eoin Bourke

The area of 19 th -century German travel writing on Ireland has received widespread scholarly attention over the years in treatises in both English and German, but these efforts were directed largely at fellow-scholars and formed part of an academic discourse on travel, interculturality and alterity. This book, on the other hand, is conceived of more as a reader for the general public than as an academic treatise, presents a surprisingly extensive body of comments drawn from German and Austrian sources from between 1783 and 1865 and lets them «talk for themselves». Some of these remarkably empathetic and well-founded eye-witness accounts were translated into English already in the 19 th century by people like Sarah Austin and Sir Lascelles Wraxhall, but the editor has re-translated them to remove varying degrees of antiquatedness of formulation and has added other accounts that were hitherto largely unknown to the non-German-speaking reading public.
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33 Index of persons’ names


Abercorn, Marquis of, 208 Alexander the Great, 523 Albano, Francesco, 56 Alter, Peter, 484 Anglade, Dr. Francis, 606 Aristotle, 376 Arthur, King, 302, 323, 600 Austin, Sarah, 112 Bacon, Sir Francis, 54 Baddely, Rev. T., 456 Baker, William, 145ff. Baldwin, Richard, 95, 605 Ball, John, 520, 536 Bandon, Lord, 223 Bantry, Lord, 129, 257 Beaumont, Gustave de, 322, 379 Belvedere, Lord, 447 Bennett, William, 322, 379, 578 Bentham, Jeremy, 480 Béranger, Pierre Jean de, 428 Beresford, George de la Poer, Earl of Tyrone, Marquis of Waterford, 13ff., 32, 39, 45, 51, 206 Beresford, Henry, 223 Beresford, Marcus, 47, 206, 223 Berkeley, Bishop, 585 Bernhard, St, 585, 593 Bethmann-Hollweg, Moritz August von, 483 Bianconi, Charles, 164f., 312, 589ff., 592f., 678f., 698 Bindewald, Carl, 475f. Bismarck, Otto von, 480 Blackwood Dufferin, Helena Selina, 10 Blake, Capt. Netterville, 119ff. Blanco White, Joseph, 105 Blücher, Gebhard von, 190 Boate, Gerard, 374, 630, 632, 756 Bölte, Amely, 517 Börne, Ludwig, 5f., 6, 12 Börner, Sgt, 87 Brabazon, William, 553 Brian Boru, 300, 595 Brittlebank, Mr., 619ff. Brigid, St., 649 Brockhaus, Heinrich, 254ff., 420 753 Brotherton, Joseph, 506 Brougham, Lord Henry, 270, 483, 571 Brownlow, William, 208 Bruce, Robert, 417 Buckingham, Marquis of, 276 Bunsen, Karl von, 475 Bürger, Gottfried August, 4, 6 Burke, Mr., 478 Burns, Mary, 611 Burns, Michael, 611 Burns, Robert, 582, 586, 610 Burke, Mr., 478ff. Byron, Lord George, 7, 10, 610 Bystram, Baron Adolf, 508 Callan, Baron, 250 Callot, Jacques, 449, 460, 568 Cambridge, Duke...

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