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Words and Expressions of Emotion in Medieval English


Michiko Ogura

This monograph is a study of words and expressions of emotion found in Old and Middle English texts. Lexical variety, rivalry among synonyms, both native and non-native, and their successive replacement are discussed illustrated with a large number of examples. «Impersonal» and reflexive constructions, which give peculiar features to medieval texts, are examined, focusing on basic verbs of emotion. Words found in the Seven Deadly Sins and the contrasting use of the genitive and the of-phrase in God’s love and the love of God are treated as typical medieval themes. Appendices are added to illustrate the variant forms of these words and expressions in the versions of the Gospels and the Psalter, together with formulaic expressions of emotion in Old English poetry.


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Appendix A: Variant Forms in Versions of the Gospels


Words of emotion, which I investigate in this study, are listed here: Latin, Lindis- farne version, Rushworth version (1 & 2), West Saxon version (MS. CCCC 140) and the Earlier Version of the Wycliffite Bible are given in comparison. The West Saxon version of the thirteenth century (MS Hatton 38) and the Later Version of the Wyc- liffite are given only when readings vary. Words are chosen in wider sense. 146 Mt L Li Ru 1.20 noli timere nelle ðu ðe ondrede forht bian ne ondréd þu þe 2.2 adorare to worðianne to gebiddenne 2.10 gaudio glædnisse gefegon 2.16 iratus est urað wæs wæs eorre 2.18 est ploratus wæs woepende wop ululatus hremende heaf plorans woeap wepend consular froefra afroefred 2.22 timuit ondreard ne durste 3.7 ira wuraðo eorre 3.17 complacui woel gelicade gelicade 4.9 adoraueris to worðenne to worðianne to gebidde 4.10 adorabis geworða ðu ge-eardade 5.4 Beati eadge biðon / lugunt gemænas .. de consolabuntur gefroefred biðon beoþ afróefrede 5.5 Beati eadge biðon / mites ða milde þa milde 5.6 Beati eadge biðon / 5.7 Beati eadge biðon / misericordes miltheorte mildheortnisse misericordiam mildheortnise mildheortnisse 5.8 Beati eadge biðon / 5.9 Beati eadge biðon / 5.10 Beati eadge biðon / 5.11 Beati eadge eadig male-dixerint yfle hia gecuoeðas wærgaþ 5.12 gaudete gefeað gefeaþ 147 Mt WSCp WycEV 1.20 nelle þu ondrædan nyle thou drede 2.2 to ge-eadmedenne...

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