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The Reconfiguration of a Latecomer Innovation System

Governing Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Innovation in South Korea


Dirk Johann

The book examines the evolving governance of pharmaceutical biotechnology in South Korea in order to derive conclusions about the dynamics of a latecomer system transition. Based on an analysis of innovation activities in the biomedical sector, which is complemented by expert interviews, the research contends that the Korean post-developmental state should be geared towards coordinating the interplay of technologies, modes of organization and institutions. An integrative framework is developed to describe system change as a co-evolutionary process in which the national and sectoral dimensions intersect. The case shows that the shaping of an environment in which innovation systems can develop sectoral transformative capacity is a central aspect of latecomer innovation governance.


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Annex 1 - OECD definition of biotechnology patents


Category IPC codes Title Human A01H 1/00 Processes for modifying genotypes necessities A01H4/00 Plant reproduction by tissue culture techniques A61K 38/00 Medicinal preparations containing peptides A61K 39/00 Medicinal preparations containing antigens or antibodies A61K 48/00 Medicinal preparations containing genetic material which is inserted into cells o f the living body to treat genetic diseases; gene therapy Chemistry C02F 3/34 Biological treatment o f water, waste water, or sewage: characterised by the micro-organisms used C07G 11/00 Compounds o f unknown constitution: antibiotics C07G 13/00 Compounds o f unknown constitution: vitamins C07G 15/00 Compounds o f unknown constitution: hormones C07K 4/00 Peptides having up to 20 amino acids in an undefined or only partially defined sequence; derivatives thereof C07K 14/00 Peptides having more than 20 amino acids; gastrins; somatostatins; melanotropins; derivatives thereof C07K 16/00 Immunoglobulins, e.g. monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies C07K 17/00 Carrier-bound or immobilised peptides; preparation thereof C07K 19/00 Hybrid peptides Chemistry C12M Apparatus for enzymology or microbiology (microbiology) C12N Micro-organisms or enzymes; compositions thereof C12P Fermentation or enzyme-using processes to synthesise a desired chemical compound or composition or to separate optical isomers from a racemic mixture C12Q Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes or micro-organisms; compositions ortestpapers therefore; processes ofpreparing such compositions; condition-responsive control in microbiological or enzymological processes C12S Processes using enzymes or micro-organisms to liberate, separate or purify a pre-existing compound or composition processes using enzymes or micro-organisms to treat textiles or to clean solid surfaces ofmaterials A n n e x 3 0 1 Source: OECD (2005)...

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