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Appraising the Nigerian Problem Through Education and Religious Dialogue

A Cognitive Approach


Rowland Onyenali

The book tries to trace the origin of today’s Nigeria. The foundation that produced it was based on faulty principles, which came about due to the fact that both the imperial Lords and the indigenous founding fathers had no clear vision of the nature the new nation should take. The fact that many tribes, tongues and beliefs were unsystematically coerced to form this unwilling alliance added much strain to the feeble chains of unity. Every effort made to address this situation has failed so far. The author shows failures in the political, economic and religious arena while arguing that the development of the mental faculties of the Nigerian youth is the only viable option towards success. This development can only come about through comprehensive education, not based on the acquisition of paper qualifications but on the development of the entire person as an entity.


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Section II: Education and Religion in Nigeria


71 Chapter Three Education and Religion There are numerous areas in life in which definitions clearly delimit the mea- nings of terms. In the area of education on the other hand, it is better to explain the different facets in which the concept education can be better illuminated. An attempt at a strict definition will only limit the meaning of education. In this con- nection, many ancient thinkers have devoted their time and energy to examining what constitutes education. It has been seen as anamnesis, self-care, a transfor- mation of the self, inspection, attention, etc. Education is seen as an end in itself and not as the means to an end. This means that education is not the same as the acquisition of paper qualifications which enable one to seek for some exalted government jobs. It involves the ability of the self to determine itself and be ripe to undertake the activities relevant to a mature human person. It is the search for truth and knowledge, a freedom from intellectual bondage. The noun “education” deals with the development of human persons vis á vis their environment. It encapsulates the sum total of the processes that lead to a mature formation of the human person right from the onset of sensibility. Its root (educare) means “a breeding, a bringing up, a rearing.” Although this rearing or bringing up involves a mentor actively involved in this educational process, the main subject of education remains the one undergoing the educational process.1 Since education is...

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