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Literature and Weak Thought


Andrzej Zawadzki

This book is a reconstruction and presentation of the fundamental assumptions of the so-called weak thought, as elaborated mainly by the Italian hermeneutical philosopher Gianni Vattimo and the Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica in his ontology. Both Noica and Vattimo focus on all that is existentially fragile, deficient, crippled or defective. The way in which weak being manifests itself can be best expressed by using the concept of the trace. Some motifs of weak thought serve to reinterpret certain fundamental concepts of poetics, firstly, the concept of mimesis, treated here as a kind of tracing, and secondly, the concept of the textual subject as a trace. The book also describes these tendencies in modern literature in which the intuition of weak being has most fully expressed itself. In general terms, this intuition is that of a reality that has lost its substantiality and essentiality. This intuition is most frequently expressed by the motif of the trace in its various different meanings: as the imprint, the remnant, the sign-message.


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Literature and Weak Thought Cross-Roads. Polish Studies in Culture, Literary Theory, and History Edited by Ryszard Nycz and Teresa Walas Volume 2 Andrzej Zawadzki Literature and Weak Thought Bibliographic Information published by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie; detailed bibliographic data is available in the internet at The publication was financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education - National Programme for the Development of Humanties. Translated from the Polish by Stanley S. Bill (in consultation with Benjamin Koschalka) Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Zawadzki, Andrzej. Literature and weak thought / Andrzej Zawadzki. — 1 [edition]. pages cm. — (Cross-roads, ISSN 2191-6179 ; v. Volume 2) ISBN 978-3-631-63649-7 1. Literature—Philosophy. 2. Philosophy, Modern, in literature. 3. Vattimo, Gianni, 1936—Criticism and interpretation. 4. Noica, Constantin—Criticism and interpretation. I. Title. PN45.Z36 2013 801—dc23 2013029771 ISSN 2191-6179 ISBN 978-3-631-63649-7 (Print) E-ISBN 978-3-653-03589-6 (E-Book) DOI 10.3726/ 978-3-653-03589-6 © Peter Lang GmbH Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften Frankfurt am Main 2013 All rights reserved. PL Academic Research is an Imprint of Peter Lang GmbH. Peter Lang – Frankfurt am Main · Bern · Bruxelles · New York · Oxford · Warszawa · Wien All parts of this publication are protected by copyright. Any utilisation outside the strict limits of the copyright law, without the permission of the publisher, is forbidden and liable to prosecution. This applies in particular to reproductions, translations, microfilming, and storage and processing in electronic retrieval systems.

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