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How to Do Things with Pictures

Skill, Practice, Performance


Edited By András Benedek and Kristof Nyiri

Pictorial meaning involves not just resemblance, but also pictorial skills, pictorial acts, practices, and performance. Especially in the classroom setting, at all levels of education, it is essential to realize that teaching with pictures and learning through pictures is a practical enterprise where thinking is embedded in doing. Promoting visual learning means to be a visionary, and to take on an enormous educational challenge. But while adaptation and innovation are inevitable in a world where technological changes are rapidly and radically altering the learning environment, educational science and the everyday practice of education clearly need to retain a measure of conservatism. And any conservatism worth the name has to take account of visuality, visual thinking, and visual learning.


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Diagrams, Documents, and the Meshing of Plans. Barry Smith


164 Daniel Irrgang thinking medium for the imaginary testing of new ideas. Rather they can be described – beyond instrumental functions – as integrated dimensions of thought experiments for the construction (territorialization), deconstruction (deterritor- ialization) and reconstruction (reterritorialization) of existing structures. Maybe it needs artists like Amy Sillman to enlarge the ideas of Peirce and Deleuze through their practical application to discover the potential of diagrams as „tools for the subversion of the already known, through which one is capable to come in contact to the unknown in a state of becoming.“32 32 “Deleuzes Diagramm bezieht sich nicht nur auf den Kampf, es ist das eigentliche Werk- zeug für den Umsturz des Bekannten, durch das man in Berührung mit dem Unbekannten oder noch Entstehenden kommt.” (Sillman, “The point where the pencil touches the paper”, p. 188.) – Acknowledgement: The author is indebted to Anita Jóri and Annie Goh for their kind help in correcting the English text of the present paper. Diagrams, Documents, and the Meshing of Plans Barry Smith Preamble: From Linear Text to Images Kristóf Nyíri – one of the organizers of the Budapest 2012 Visual Learning Con- ference – has for some years defended a view of knowledge, communication and tradition which awards a central role to images of different sorts.1 Where speech and writing are in a certain sense linear (or we might better say unidimensional in time and in space, respectively), images are multi-dimensional, and in Nyíri’s eyes this gives them great power....

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