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Romanians and Power in the Mediaeval Kingdom of Hungary- The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries


Ioan-Aurel Pop

The medieval history of the Romanians in the Hungarian kingdom still represents one of the most delicate subjects in European history. This book is the product of more than thirty years of research, and thus provides new and balanced insights into that history, revealing both the rise and the decline of communities and individuals, as well as the diversity of these borderlands of Christian Europe.


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Romanian or Romanian-origin dignitaries(office holders) in Transylvania and Hungary(13th and 14th centuries)


Romanian or Romanian-origin dignitaries (office holders) in Transylvania and Hungary (13th and 14th centuries) Nicholas the Red, son of Stephan of Britonia, villicus of Haeg (1315) Kenez, comes, former castellan of Vacu (1329) Drag and Drago of Bedeu, the King’s servants (servientes regis) in Maramure district (1336) Stephen and John, sons of Juga, the King’s servants in Maramure district (1353) Drag of Bedeu, from the Maramure district, comes, man of the King (homo regius, 1355) Ladislaus (Lacu) the Romanian, son of Muat of Alma, comes (1362) Balc and Drag, sons of Sas, comites; Balc is also Voivode of the Romanians in Maramure (1368) Dan of Duboz, servant (iobagio) of the fortress in the Ersig "province", comes (1369-1371) Radul Voivode, comes of Cuieti (1370) Rados, knight of the royal court, and his brother Brank, sons of Moyan, from the Cara county (1370) Balc, comes of Maramure (before 1373) John, brother of Balc and Drag, aule regis iuvenis (1378) Balc and Drag, comites of Maramure, Stmar and Ugocea counties and comites of the Secklers (until 1399) Nicholas, son of Cândea (Kendth), comes, kenez of the Chapter of Alba Iulia (1381) 500 Romanian or Romanian-origin dignitaries in Transylvania and Hungary Banc of Sarasu, vice-comes of Maramure (1385), member of Codrea family Cândea of Virimort (today Tisa), iudex nobilium of Maramure (1385) Peter of Crciuneti, iudex nobilium of Maramure (1385) Dragomir of Giuleti, iudex nobilium of Maramure (1385) Ladislaus, son of Drag of Bedeu, iudex nobilium of Maramure (1385) Ladomir de Sp...

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