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Conflict of National Identity in Sudan


Kuel Jok

This study addresses the contemporary conflict of national identity in Sudan between the adherents of Islamic nationalism and those of customary secularism. The former urge the adoption of a national constitution that derives its civil and criminal laws from the Sharia, and want Arabic as the language of instruction in national institutions. The latter demand the adoption of secular laws, derived from the set of customary laws, and equal opportunities for all African languages beside Arabic and English. In the past, the adherents of Islamic nationalism imposed the Islamic-Arab model. In reaction, secularists resorted to violence; the Islamists declared Jihad against the secularists and adopted a racial war, which has caused a humanitarian disaster. The main primary material of this research is based on a survey conducted among 500 students of five universities in Sudan. Besides, the study considers the diverse theoretical models for the formation of a nation-state, where diversity is not discouraged, but states apply laws to promote religious and ethnic diversities within one territorial state.


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Abid Slave Aci khor Adulteress or someone who has committed adultery in Dinka language Al-figh Islamic jurisprudence Allah God Al-Sudd Black people Al-Sultanate al-Zerga Black Kingdom. Amir el Mumeneen An Islamic pious leader of Muslim believers Asmer Brown colour Bilad Al-Sudan Land of the Blacks. Caliph An Islamic successor. Dar Al-hareb Domain of war Dar Al-Islam Land of peace Dhimmi A term that Muslims use to identify a non-Muslim living in Muslims’ land, under protection. Faqih an Islamic Religious person Fatiha An introductory part of Quran Fatwa Islamic legal edict Hadith Sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammed Hakimdar General Governor Haram Strictly not allowed Hayawan al-natigq A derogatory term Muslim Arab use to define a Black person in Sudan to mean a speaking animal Houris Assumed paradise virgin women Hudud A formal Islamic legal code that stones to death a woman proved guilty of adultery, amputates cross limbs of a thief found guilty of stealing; flogs any person found drunk with alcohol Hurr al-Dunia Dark eyed virgins of the earth Hurr al-jinna Dark eyed virgins of the paradise Imam Pious Islamic cleric Iris al-Shaheed Wedding of Islamic martyrs Istihsän Jurist preference Isum Ajami A non-Arab name. 274 Janjaweed Arab Muslim militia in Darfur Jellaba A term the indigenous population uses to distin- guish an Arab Muslim merchant or many of them including Muslim Arab administrators in Sudan Jihad Islamic holy war Jihadists Islamic holy warriors Jin Devil Junubi A derogatory name for a person emerging from South Sudan...

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