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The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology 2014

Normativity & Typification


Edited By Anton Vydra

The second issue of The Yearbook on History and Interpretation of Phenomenology focuses on the intertwined topics of normativity and of typification. The area of their application and specification is relatively broad: from biological questions through various lived experiences and political life to aesthetical judgments. The contributors see normative aspects of human existence as a possibility to act according to inherent or personal values rather than according to some fixed and external rules or even laws.
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On Verticality and De-Limitation


Abstract In this paper, I discuss the notion of de-limitation within the broader concept of verticality elaborated by Anthony J. Steinbock. I describe how the process of de-limitation liberates the phenomena for being “themselves,” and how the very same movement is involved in the process of inter-personal redemption. By presenting the concept of de-limitation as the discernible efficacy of verticality on phenomena, I focus on the so-called bivalence of phenomena and essential non-exhaustiveness of the sense of phenomena, and distinguish “de-limited phenomenon” from “saturated phenomenon” (Marion). I demonstrate more concretely the inter-personal redemptive efficacy of de-limitation with an example of the moral emotions of humility and loving (in the field of moral experience), and with the aid of mystical life experiences (in the field of religious experience). After doing this, I draw attention to its decisive role in the question of evidence and its intrinsically normative function within the religious (and the moral) field of experience, which means within the sphere of inter-personality. Led by these intentions I will point out several significant qualifications and aspects of de-limitation, and suggest the paths of its further possible philosophical implications and conceptual elaborations.

Keywords: De-Limitation, Verticality, Normativity of Loving, Evidence, Inter-personality

What is given is infinitely richer than itself.1

1. Introduction

My inquiry into the process of de-limitation will lean to a great extent on Steinbock’s book Phenomenology and Mysticism, but my search and further elaborations will not be restricted merely to...

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