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HI-Touch Pastoral Approach in the 21st Century

A response to the problem of insufficient organic link between faith and daily life in Nigeria


Sylvester Ajunwa

«Human Integrated Touch» (HI-Touch) is a pastoral care approach that could be a response to the lingering problems of Christianity marred by an insufficient organic link between faith and daily life in Nigeria. Arguing for an integrated approach to humans and the human condition, the study presents the HI-Touch as a form of pastoral care that is not only based on religious affiliations, but also on human authentic values vis-a vis an authentic Christian faith in a dynamic society. The growth of atheism in modern societies is not only a conceptual denial of the existence of God but an elimination of God from the affairs of man. The right way to overcome this is through a new order of human relations that calls for love, mutual respect, hospitality, empathy, communion, and dialogue with one another in all human situations.
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Chapter Five: HI-Touch Pastoral approach in the 21st Century Nigeria: A Conceptualization


Chapter Five:  HI-Touch Pastoral approach in the 21st Century Nigeria: A Conceptualization

This research has been trying to resolve the issue of an insufficient organic link between faith and daily life, between what the Church1 holds and practises as faith and existential issues that face the human race. With the flow of information technology and other features of the 21st Century through globalization, the endemic wound of cultural dislocation and identity crisis, this insufficient organic link continues to widen. In most cases the Church is accused of being isolated from the world despite the sweeping reforms already carried out in the Church since the Second Vatican Council. This problem could also be linked to a perspective of a vertical understanding of faith as only a ‘sacred event’ that is completely separated from the horizontal level which comprises mundane daily affairs. The problem from a philosophical perspective could be related to the problem of ‘Being’ and that means how can one harmonize the inevitable condition of ‘being human’ in the civil society of today with the vertically and isolated idea of ‘being in faith’. This problem may manifest in different forms in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. But it boils down to the question: how could one be a true European, American, Asian or African like Jesus said of Nathaniel: “this is a true Israelite who has no deceit”, in the nitty-gritty of today’s world in the light of the requirements and regulations of faith?

The Nigerian...

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