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Narrating North American Borderlands

Thomas King, Howard F. Mosher and Jim Lynch


Evelyn P. Mayer

The study centers on the presentation of the North American borderlands in the works of Canadian Native writer Thomas King’s Truth & Bright Water (1999), American writer Howard Frank Mosher’s On Kingdom Mountain (2007), and American writer Jim Lynch’s Border Songs (2009). The three authors describe the peoples and places in the northeastern, middle and northwestern border regions of the USA and Canada. The novels address important border-oriented aspects such as indigeneity, the borderlands as historic territory and as utopian space, border crossing and transcendence, post-9/11 security issues, social interaction along the border, and gender specifics. The interpretation also examines the meaning of border imaginaries, border conceptualizations, and the theme of resistance and subversion.
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Mayer, Evelyn P., 1980-

Narrating North American Borderlands : Thomas King, Howard F. Mosher, and Jim

Lynch / Evelyn P. Mayer.

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ISBN 978-3-631-65322-7

1. American fiction–History and criticism. 2. Canadian fiction–History and criticism. 3. Borderlands in literature. 4. Border crossing in literature. 5. Narration (Rhetoric) 6. Borderlands–United States. 7. Borderlands–Canada. I. Title. PS371.M36 2014 813.009–dc23


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