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The International Turn in American Studies


Edited By Marietta Messmer and Armin Paul Frank

The volume is a contribution to the ongoing debate on the internationalization of American Studies. The essays by European, American and Latin American scholars provide critical evaluations of a wide range of concepts, including trans-national and post-national, international, trans-atlantic, trans-pacific, as well as hemispheric, inter-American and comparative American studies. Combining theoretical reflections and actual case studies, the collection proposes a reassessment of current developments at a time when American nations experience the paradoxical simultaneity of both weakened and strengthened national borders alongside multiple challenges to national sovereignty.
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The international turn in American studies / Marietta Messmer, Armin Paul Frank (eds.).

        pages cm. -- (Interamericana, ISSN 1618-419X ; volume 7)

  ISBN 978-3-631-64799-8 -- ISBN 978-3-653-03657-2 (e-book) 1. United States--Civilization--1945- 2. United States--Civilization--Study and teaching. I. Messmer, Marietta, editor, author. II. Frank, Armin Paul, editor, author.

  E169.12.I478 2015



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ISSN 1618-419X

ISBN 978-3-631-64799-8 (Print)

E-ISBN 978-3-653-03657-2 (E-Book)

DOI 10.3726/978-3-653-03657-2

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