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Claim-making and Claim-challenging in English and Polish Linguistic Discourses


Grzegorz Kowalski

The book presents the results of multi-parameter corpus research on Polish and English scientific discourses in the field of Linguistics. Highlighting the relevance of contextual variables (including time, culture, L1 vs. L2 language) in research framework, the study develops a discourse model of the scientific article, integrating paradigmatic, interpersonal and textual dimensions. The model is applied to investigate distribution patterns of linguistic exponents of claim-making and claim-challenging, i.e. two processes fundamental to scientific argumentation. The results show the changes which English and Polish linguistic discourses underwent between 1980 and 2010, and the extent to which English as lingua franca of modern science affects Polish L1 and English L2 linguistic discourses.
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Part 3. Methodology and corpus


This chapter presents the aims of empirical analysis, its methodology and the corpus. Specifically, in section 3.1 three research questions are formulated. Next I discuss the limitations of previous research in the field and highlight the relevance of the present study (section 3.2). In section 3.3 I define the concepts of claim-making and claim-challenging, two processes fundamental to scientific discourse, whose linguistic exponents I am going to analyse. Section 3.4 is devoted to methods of analysis, starting with the problem of selecting units amenable to corpus research involving grammatical, semantic and pragmatic parameters. In successive parts of section 3.4 I present a model for corpus research of claim-making and claim-challenging based on three broad discourse categories: hedges, markers of author-reader dialogicity and markers of self-promotion and other-depreciation, each of which contains related grammatical, semantic and pragmatic parameters, 22 in total. The chapter concludes with the presentation of the corpus and criteria for text selection (section 3.5).

The subject of empirical research in this study is a contrastive corpus study of linguistic exponents of claim-making and claim-challenging in Polish and English linguistic discourses. The corpus includes three groups of scientific articles published in leading journals in the field of linguistics in the period 1980–2010: (1) English-language texts by native speakers of English; (2) English-language texts by native speakers of Polish; (3) Polish-language texts by native speakers of Polish (see section 3.5 for details).

Three research questions are addressed: (1) How have English and Polish...

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