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Clerks, Wives and Historians

Essays on Medieval English Language and Literature


Winfried Rudolf, Thomas Honegger and Andrew James Johnston

Contents: Roland Schuhmann: The King’s Speech in the Finnsburg Fragment – Sebastian I. Sobecki: That Dizzy Height of Wisdom: Augustinian Vision and Kynde’s Mountain in Piers Plowman B XI – Franziska Scheitzeneder: «For myn entente nys but for to pleye». On the Playground with the Wife of Bath, the Clerk of Oxford and Jacques Derrida – Nicole Nyffenegger-Staub: Subjectivity and Crisis in Fourteenth-Century English Historical Writing – Kathrin Prietzel: Treachery and Betrayal in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Incident of 1051 – Thomas Honegger: Romancing the Form: Alliterative Metre and William of Palerne – Winfried Rudolf: Seven Diverse Loans in Middle English Alliterative Poetry - A Preliminary Study – Maik Goth: «Infinite Shapes of Thinges»: Monsters and the Monstrous in Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene – Robert Mailhammer: The Typological Significance of Ablaut in the Prehistory of English – Svenja Kranich: Some Problems Connected with the Analysis of Gerunds with Direct Objects in Middle English.