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The Seeming and the Seen

Essays in Modern Visual and Literary Culture


Beverly Maeder, Jürg Schwyter, Ilona Sigrist and Boris Vejdovsky

Contents: Ann Fisher-Wirth: Your Photograph Glen Coe – The Editors: Introduction – Robert Rehder: The branches go in different directions. The branches thin out, hesitate – J. Hillis Miller: Digital Blake – Roelof Overmeer: Filming/Seeing Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick’s Last Odyssey – Neil Forsyth: Shakespeare and the Talkies – Alison D. Goeller: ‘What Comes from Inside’: The Politics of Race in Eudora Welty’s WPA Photographs – Cristina Giorcelli: Where is the Woman? Rosanna Warren’s ‘Bonnard’ – Robert Rehder: The Whiteness of the Whale. The Frontier. Personal Best – Lawrence Buell: Dangerous Propinquities: Rhetoric and Image versus Sound in Whitmanian Poetics – Martine Hennard Dutheil: Modelling for Bluebeard: Visual and Narrative Art in Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’ – Franziska Gygax: The Portrait as Word and (A)Head: Gertrude Stein and the Staging of (Her)Self – Ilona Sigrist: Seeing and Being Blind through Narrative: The Use of the Visual in Two Historical Fictions by Margaret Atwood – Robert Rehder: From The Kleist Sonatas – Hartwig Isernhagen: Emma’s Attitudes: Melancholy and/as Representation – Didier Maillat: The Advertising Snare: Indexicals and Images in Ads – Agnieszka Soltysik: A Secret about a Secret: The Relation between Caption and Photo in Diane Arbus’s Work – Boris Vejdovsky: Wounded Bodies and Torn Canvas: Images of Life and Death in Hemingway and Picasso – Christina Ljungberg: Rituals of Remembrance: Photography and Autobiography in Postmodern Texts – Robert Rehder: Two Photographs by Peter Halter.