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Essays in French Studies


Lucy Bolton, Gerri Kimber, Ann Lewis and Michael Seabrook

Contents: Ann Lewis: Introduction: Reading and Writing the Frame – Nicola Jones: Seeing Through the Pictures: The Importance of Perspective in Manuscript Frames – Katherine Shingler: Framing the Text: Mallarmé’s Un Coup de dés and the Arts of the Book – Hazel Beale: Framing the Fairy Tale: French Fairy Tales and Frame Narratives 1690-1700 – Kristy Guneratne: Framing and Authority in Genet’s Miracle de la rose – Rachel Douglas: Transformation of the Framing Mise en Abyme in Frankétienne’s Rewriting – Catherine Wheatley: Unseen/Obscene: The (Non)Framing of the Sexual Act in Michael Haneke’s La Pianiste – Hunter Vaughan: The Travelling Frame: The Tracking Shot in Resnais and Godard – Michael Seabrook: Beyond the G(u)ilt Edge: Flaubert’s Framing of the Bourgeois Mentality in Bibliomanie – Charlie Mansfield: Paris Framed: Twentieth-Century French Writers Crossing the City – Gerri Kimber: Translation as Hagiographical Weapon or How the French Framed Katherine Mansfield – Ruth Hemus: Outside the Frame? Women in Paris Dada.