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Nietzsche and Ethics

Gudrun von Tevenar

The essays in this anthology are versions of papers originally presented at the ‘Friedrich Nietzsche and Ethics’ Conference conveyed by the Nietzsche Society in 2004 at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Contributors are respected Nietzsche scholars from around the globe and their essays cover the full range of Nietzsche’s moral thinking. They include papers on evolution and development, eudaemonia, art and morality, agon and transvaluation, will to power, as well as free will and genuine selfhood, immoralism, equality, sexual ethics, and the value of pity and compassion.
These topics reflect the continuing and ever increasing interest in and relevance of Nietzsche’s moral thinking and confirm Nietzsche’s status as a moral philosopher of great importance.
Contents: Gudrun von Tevenar: Introduction – Ken Gemes: Nietzsche on The Will to Truth, The Scientific Spirit, Free Will, and Genuine Selfhood – Robert Guay: How to be an Immoralist – Edward Harcourt: Nietzsche and Eudaemonism – Robin Small: Nietzsche’s Evolutionary Ethics – Henry Staten: Toward a Will to Power Sociology – Herman Siemens: The first Transvaluation of all Values: Nietzsche’s Agon with Socrates in The Birth of Tragedy – Carol Diethe: Nietzschean Sexual Ethics – James Wilson: Nietzsche and Equality – Rebecca Bamford: The Virtue of Shame: Defending Nietzsche’s Critique of Mitleid – Gudrun von Tevenar: Nietzsche’s Objections to Pity and Compassion – Thomas Brobjer: The Development of Nietzsche’s Ethical Thinking.