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Place and Native American Indian History and Culture


Joy Porter

Contents: Alan Trachtenberg: Foreword – Joy Porter: Introduction – David J. Murray: Knowing Our Place in Native American Studies – Shamoon Zamir: Living Among the Dead: Richard Throssel and the Picturing of History at Little Bighorn – Troy Johnson: American Indians, Manifest Destiny and Indian Activism: A Cosmology of Sense of Place – James Hamill/John Cinnamon: This Strange Journey: Stories of Trails of Tears from Indian Families in Eastern Oklahoma – Rob Taylor: The Schwemberger Photographs – Aleta M. Ringlero: Simeon Schwemberger: Observations of ‘Big Eyes’ – Deborah L. Madsen: Walking the Walk/Talking the Talk: On Survivance, Spatial Narrative and the National Museum of the American Indian – Nancy J. Parezo: To Live Within Dinétah: Navajo Sandpainters and Their Quest for Place – Claudia Haake: No Place for the Delawares?: Removal and Loss of Federal Recognition – Bruce E. Johansen: A Sense of Place in Contemporary Native American Political Humour – Katarina Altshul: Sign Language: Native American Stories in National Parks of the American Southwest – Dawn Marsh Riggs: She Considered Herself Queen of the Whole Neighbourhood: Hannah Freeman, Lenape Sovereignty and Penn’s Peaceable Kingdom – Max Carocci: Living in an Urban Rez: Constructing San Francisco as Indian Land – Jacqueline Fear-Segal: Dispossessing the Dead Indian: The Spatial and Racial Politics of Burial – Sandra Busatta: Landscapes and Skyscapes in Contest – Susanne Berthier-Foglar: Saving Sacred Mountains: The Example of the San Francisco Peaks – Gabriella Treglia: A Very ‘Indian’ Future? The Place of Native Cultures and Communities in BIA and Native Thought in the New Deal Era.