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Depth of Field

Relief Sculpture in Renaissance Italy

Donal Cooper and Marika Leino

Contents: Donal Cooper/Marika Leino: Introduction – Peter Dent: Contemplative Relief: Meditating on Christ through Sculptural Form in Early Trecento Italy – David G. Wilkins: The Invention of ‘Pictorial Relief’ – Amanda Lillie: Sculpting the Air: Donatello’s Narratives of the Environment – Amy R. Bloch: The Evolution of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s Approach to the Narrative Relief – Peta Motture: Agostino di Duccio and Carlo Crivelli: Playing with Two and Three Dimensions – François Quiviger: Relief is in the Mind: Observations on Renaissance Low Relief Sculpture – Eckart Marchand: Reproducing Relief: The Use and Status of Plaster Casts in the Italian Renaissance – Alison Wright: ‘Sculptural Values’: Reading Fictive Relief in Late Fifteenth- and Early Sixteenth-Century Italy – Marika Leino: The Production, Collection and Display of Plaquette Reliefs in Renaissance Italy – Beverly Louise Brown: Seeing the Past: Titian’s Imperial Adaptation of a Classical Relief – Sarah Blake McHam: Now and Then: Recovering a Sense of Different Values.