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Modern Approaches to Terminological Theories and Applications


Heribert Picht

Contents: Heribert Picht: Preface – Serguey D. Shelov/Vladimir M. Leitchik: Terminology Science in Russia: Social Needs and Object Content – Larissa Alexeeva/Valentina Novodranova: A Cognitive Approach to Terminology – Nina Pilke/Birthe Toft: The Theoretical Foundations of the Nordic Approach to Terminology – Marie-Claude L’Homme: A Look at some Canadian Contributions to Terminology – Rute Costa: Plurality of Theoretical Approaches to Terminology – Gerhard Budin: Terminology Studies in the German-Speaking Communities – Margaret Rogers/Sue Ellen Wright: Approaches to Terminological Theories: The Anglo-Saxon Approach – Bassey E. Antia/Richard Kamai: African Issues in Terminology: An Educational Perspective – Elizabeth Schlomann Lowe/Sue Ellen Wright: The Life and Works of Alfred Schlomann: Terminology Theory and Globalization – Christer Laurén/Heribert Picht: Approaches to Terminological Theories: A Comparative Study of the State-of-the-Art – Maria Giovanna Nigro: The Language of Tourism as LSP? A Corpus-Based Study of the Discourse of Guidebooks – Jan Roald : Polylexicalité : Examen structurel à la lumière du discours juridico-économique – Bettina Mottura: The Changing Terminology of Chinese Public Administration – Walther v. Hahn: Merging Computer-Readable Heterogeneous Terminological Material: The ManageLex Tool – Christer Laurén: An Expert System: Guessing and Entertaining when Solving a Problem – Elizabeth Marshman/Marie-Claude L’Homme: Disambiguating Lexical Markers of Cause and Effect Using Actantial Structures and Actant Classes – Niina Nissilä: Concept Systems in the Balance Sheet – Ana María Monterde Rey: Genesis: Programa Informático Dirigido a Estudiantes de Terminología para la Generación de Sistemas de Conceptos – Cristina Valentini: Sviluppo di Risorse Documentali e Terminologiche per la Didattica dei Linguaggi Specialistici: Il Sito Terminologico ITSHEwb – Magnar Brekke: Domain-Focal Terms and the Lexical Delimitation of Subdomains – Patrick Drouin: Termhood: Quantifying the Relevance of a Candidate Term – Nina Pilke: Terminological Equivalence in Parallel Texts – Natascia Ralli/Isabella Ties: Corpora e Terminologia: Applicazioni Pratiche in Bistro.