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Wyndham Lewis the Radical: Essays on Literature and Modernity

Carmelo Cunchillos Jaime

Contents: Alan Munton: Introduction: Wyndham Lewis Our Contemporary – David A. Wragg: Modernity’s «Reality» - Wyndham Lewis, Blast 1, and the Critical Historiography of Modernism – María Jesús Hernáez Lerena: Are Lewis’s Short Stories Pathological? – Michael Nath: «We Are Unknown to Ourselves, We Knowers»: More Thoughts on Lewis’s «Paramount Influence» – Paul Edwards: The Apes of God and the English Classical Tradition – Melania Terrazas: Intricate Models of Conflict in Wyndham Lewis’s Fiction – Peter L. Caracciolo: From Signorelli to Caligari: Allusions to Painting and Film in The Human Age and its Visual Precursors – Alan Munton: From Charlie Chaplin to Bill Haley: Popular Culture and Ideology in Wyndham Lewis – Carlos Villar Flor/Noelia Domínguez Carballo: Lewisian Footprints in Evelyn Waugh’s Early Satires – Stan Smith: Broad-minded Leftwingers and Marxian Playboys: Wyndham Lewis, W. H. Auden and the Literary Left in the 1930s – Mar Asensio Aróstegui: Postmodernist (Dis)continuities: Jeanette Winterson’s Silence on Wyndham Lewis.