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Ordinary Writings, Personal Narratives

Writing Practices in 19th and early 20th-century Europe

Martyn Lyons

Contents: Martyn Lyons: ‘Ordinary Writings’ or How the ‘Illiterate’ Speak to Historians – Nicolas Adell-Gombert: Total Writing: The Writing Practices of Compagnons on the Tour de France – Kaisa Kauranen: Did Writing Lead to Social Mobility? Case Studies of Ordinary Writers in Nineteenth-Century Finland – Maarten Van Ginderachter: ‘If your Majesty would only send me a little money to help buy an elephant’: Letters to the Belgian Royal Family (1880-1940) – Christophe Pons: The Mystical and the Modern: The Uses of Ordinary Writings in Identity Construction by Icelandic Spiritual Mediums – Nigel Hall/Julia Gillen: Purchasing Pre-packed Words: Complaint and Reproach in Early British Postcards – Sally Cove: Ordinary Writings, Secretive Writing Practices: Social Transgression and the YIVO Autobiographies – Antonio Castillo Gómez/Verónica Sierra Blas: ‘If my pen was as good as your pistol’: The Acquisition and Uses of Writing on the Republican Fronts during the Spanish Civil War – Anne Wingenter: Voices of Sacrifice: Letters to Mussolini and Ordinary Writing under Fascism – Krystallia Makatou: Ordinary Writing in Greece: Young People’s Diaries – Marie-Claude Penloup: Literary Temptations and Leisure-time Copying: Spontaneous Adolescent Writing in Contemporary France.