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Visibly Different

Face, Place and Race in Australia


Maureen Perkins

Contents: Maureen Perkins: Visibly Different: Face, Place and Race in Australia – Jan Teagle Kapetas: Lubra Lips, Lubra Lips: Reflections on my Face – Jean Boladeras: The Desolate Loneliness of Racial Passing – Lynette Rodriguez: But Who Are You Really? – Wendy Holland: Rehearsing Multiple Identities – Christine Choo/Antoinette Carrier/Clarissa Choo/Simon Choo: Being Eurasian – Glenn D’Cruz: ‘Where Are You Coming From, Sir?’ – Farida Tilbury: Hyphenated Realities: Growing up in an Indian-American-Bruneian Baha’i in ‘Multicultural’ Australia – Hsu-Ming Teo: Alien Asian in the Australian Nation – Ien Ang: Between Asia and the West.