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Juan Goytisolo: Territories of Life and Writing


Stanley Black

Contents: Stanley Black: Introduction – Juan Goytisolo: In Praise of Non-profitable Knowledge – Linda Gould Levine: Confessions of a Goytisolo Critic: Who’s Reading - and Creating - Whom? – Stuart Davis: Reading Author and Text: Juan Goytisolo and Makbara – Stanley Black: Fictions of the Self: Autobiography in the Fiction of Juan Goytisolo – Alison Ribeiro de Menezes: Ventriloquism and Double-Voiced Discourse in Juan Goytisolo’s Literary Criticism: The Case of José María Blanco White – Marco Kunz: Egocentrism and Polycentric Writing: the Inscription of the Author in Las semanas del jardín – Randolph D. Pope: The Paradox of the Inimitable Model: Carajicomedia and the Shape of Life – Peter Bush: Translation and the Necessity of Creation: Juan Goytisolo’s A Cock-Eyed Comedy – Ángel Sahuquillo: To Cervantise. Homing, Heritage and Queer Ethics in Goytisolo’s Carajicomedia: A Mestizo and/or Dis(s)identifying Essay (parts academic, queer and ironic) Concerning Novels and Lives of Little Exemplarity – Brigitte Adriaensen: Conflicting Ironies in Juan Goytisolo’s Novels.