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University of Basrah Studies in English


Jinan Fedhil Al-Hajaj and Graeme Davis

Contents: Majeed Hameed Jasim/Jinan Fedhil Al-Hajaj: Introduction – Jinan Fedhil Al-Hajaj: Intertextuality and the Linguistic Perspective: A Stylistic Study of Thomas Hardy’s ‘The Going’ and ‘The Haunter’ – Fatima H. Aziz/Amin U. Ghailan: Dramatic Monologue in Robert Browning’s ‘My Last Duchess’: A Pragma-Stylistic Study – Majeed Hameed Jasim/ Amin U. Ghailan: Paul Morel, Son and Man: A Stylistic Study – Majeed Hameed Jasim/Ibtisam Hussein Naima: Free Indirect Discourse in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse: A Stylistic Narrative Study – Abdul-Settar Abdul-Latif: The Invisible Perfidy in Waiting for Godot – Ala’ Hussein Oda/Nagham Jaafar Hussein: Presupposition as a Linguistic Theory in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in Terms of Karttunen’s Approach – Ala’ Hussein Oda/Mehdi M. Mohammad: The Impact of Linguistic Context on Metaphoric Proverb Comprehension by Iraqi EFL Learners – Balqis I.G. Rashid: Further Evidence for the Separation Hypothesis: The Case of Advanced Iraqi Learners – Isra’ Mahmood Salman/Balqis I.G. Rashid: Difficulties in the Pronunciation of English Proper Nouns Encountered by Advanced Iraqi Learners – Rana Abdul Settar Abid/Nada Salih Abdul Ridha: A Study of Coherence in the Writings of EFL Advanced Iraqi Learners.