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Essays in French Literature, Thought and Culture


Elizabeth Lindley and Laura McMahon

Contents: Elizabeth Lindley/Laura McMahon: Introduction – Helen Abbott: Reading and Deciphering: Mallarmé’s Rhythmic Sensation – Matthias Zach: Rhythms in Poetic Translation: Bonnefoy and Shakespeare – Ariane Kossack: Between Poetry and Philology: Rhythms of the Orphic Myth in Mallarmé’s Aesthetics – Brenda Garvey: Rhythms, Repetitions and Rewritings in Passion Simple by Annie Ernaux – Luke Sunderland: The (Future) Perfect Knight: Repetition in the Cycle de Guillaume d’Orange – Dee Reynolds: Kinesthetic Rhythms: Participation in Performance – Louise Hardwick: Dancing the Unspeakable: Rhythms of Communication in ‘Laghia de la mort’ by Joseph Zobel – Gerald Moore: Clockwork Politics: Rhythm and the Production of Time in Mauss, Benjamin and Lefebvre – Michael Sheringham: Everyday Rhythms, Everyday Writing: Réda with Deleuze and Guattari – Sophie Fuggle: Le Parkour: Reading or Writing the City? – Lisa Villeneuve: The Urban Experience of Placelessness: Perceptual Rhythms in Georges Perec’s Un homme qui dort – Ian James: The Rhythm of Technology? Paul Virilio on Temporality and Modern Media – Jennifer Valcke: Rhythmical Images and Visual Music: Montage in French Avant-Garde Cinema – Jenny Chamarette: A Short Film About Time: Dynamism and Stillness in Chris Marker’s La Jetée.