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Researching Language Teaching and Learning

An Integration of Practice and Theory

Tatsuhiro Yoshida, Hiroyuki Imai, Yoshiyuki Nakata and Akira Tajino

Contents: Dick Allwright: Inclusive Practitioner Research: Why We Need It and What Exploratory Practice Offers – Judith Hanks: Inclusivity and Collegiality in Exploratory Practice – Assia Slimani-Rolls: Complexity and Idiosyncrasy of Classroom Life – Inés K. Miller: ‘Puzzle-driven’ Language Teacher Development: The Contribution of Exploratory Practice – Craig Smith: Developing a New English for Academic Purposes Course: Administrator-Teacher-Student Collaboration – Akira Tajino: Understanding Life in the Language Classroom: A Systemic Approach – Viljo Kohonen: Reflection, Interaction and Authenticity: Towards Transformative Professionalism in Foreign Language Teacher Education – Kathleen Graves: Collaborating for Autonomy in Teaching and Learning – Yongsuk Kim, Jaehyuk Kim, Maria Oh, Seonho Park, Kyusoo Sun: Development of an Elementary English Teacher Education Program – Naoko Aoki: A Small-Scale Narrative Inquiry for Teacher Development – Shinichiro Yokomizo: EAR Approach: An Attempt to Increase Opportunities for Reflection – Yoshiyuki Nakata: The Teacher as a Motivation Researcher – Ken Tamai: Confucianism as Cultural Constraint and its Effect on Japanese Self-Expressiveness – Leo Van Lier: Perception in Language Learning – Ernesto Macaro: Teacher Code-Switching in L2 Classrooms: Exploring ‘Optimal Use’– Osamu Takeuchi: Learning from Good Language Learners in a Specific Context – Akiko Takagi: Promoting Learner Autonomy in a Reading Class – Rieko Tokunaga: Reflection in Foreign Language Learning: A Study of EFL High School Students – Yuan Yuan: Identity (re)Formation in a Study-Abroad Context: The Case of a Chinese Learner of Japanese.