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Recovering Stolen Assets

With a preface by Eva Joly

Mark Pieth

Contents: Eva Joly: Preface: Repatriation of Assets - Préface : Rapatriement d’Actifs – Mark Pieth: Recovering Stolen Assets - A New Issue – Bernard Bertossa: What Makes Asset Recovery so Difficult in Practice? A Practitioner’s Perspective – Nuhu Ribadu: Challenges and Opportunities of Asset Recovery in a Developing Economy – Enrico Monfrini: The Abacha Case – Tim Daniel/James Maton: Recovering the Proceeds of Corruption: General Sani Abacha - A Nation’s Thief – Sergio Salvioni: Recovering the Proceeds of Corruption: Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines – Simeon V. Marcelo: The Long Road from Zurich to Manila: The Recovery of the Marcos Swiss Dollar Deposits – Guillermo Jorge: The Peruvian Efforts to Recover Proceeds from Montesinos’s Criminal Network of Corruption – Willie Hofmeyr: Navigating between Mutual Legal Assistance and Confiscation Systems – Alan Bacarese: Asset Recovery in a Common Law System: The United Kingdom – Paul Gully-Hart: International Asset Recovery of Corruption-Related Assets: Switzerland – René Brülhart: Asset Recovery from the Perspective of an Offshore Financial Centre (OFC): Liechtenstein – Hans-Peter Bauer: How to Deal with Politically Exposed Persons – Mary Jane Schirber/Frank E. Hydoski: Identification and Quantification – Jean-Bernard Schmid: Seizure – Tim Daniel/James Maton: Civil Proceedings to Recover Corruptly Acquired Assets of Public Officials – Pierre-Yves Morier: Is Autonomous Confiscation the Acme of Asset Recovery? – Nikos Passas: UNCAC, Technical Assistance and Development Efforts – Anne Lugon-Moulin: Asset Recovery: Concrete Challenges for Development Assistance – Cornelis De Jong: The Role of Donors – Pietro Veglio/Peter Siegenthaler: Monitoring the Restitution of Looted State Assets: the Role of Multilateral Development Banks (MDB’s) – Daniel Claman: The Promise and Limitations of Asset Recovery under the UNCAC – Dimitri Vlassis/Dorothee Gottwald: Implementing the Asset Recovery Provisions of the UNCAC – Antenor Madruga: Expectations of Developing Economies: A View from the Americas – Mark Pieth: Putting the Puzzle Together.