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Beyond the Nuclear Family: Families in a Configurational Perspective


Eric Widmer and Riitta Jallinoja

Contents: Eric D. Widmer/Anna-Maija Castrén/Riitta Jallinoja/Kaisa Ketokivi: Introduction – Ulla Björnberg/Hans Ekbrand: Configuration of Family Commitments: Patterns of Support Within Kin – Marianne Kempeneers/Nicolas Thibault: Strategies of Childcare and the Dynamics of Family Configurations – Blanche Le Bihan/Claude Martin: Caring for Dependent Elderly Parents and Family Configurations – Cornelia Hummel: «Grandma, Grandpa, the Miles and Me.» Intergenerational Relationships in a Migration Context – Riitta Jallinoja: Togetherness and Being Together. Family Configurations in the Making – Robert M. Milardo: A Configuration of Family Relationships: Aunts and Nieces, Uncles and Nephews – Jennifer Mason/Becky Tipper: Children and the Making of Kinship Configurations – Nicolas Jonas/Marie-Clémence Le Pape: My Own Relatives or My Partner’s Relatives? A Configurational Approach of Kinship Prioritization – Laura Bernardi/Anna Oppo: Female-Centered Family Configurations and Fertility – Karin Wall/Sofia Aboim/Sofia Marinho: Family Configurations from the Male Perspective: Exploring Diversity over the Life Course – Anna-Maija Castrén: Post-Divorce Family Configurations – Kaisa Ketokivi: Biographical Disruption, the Wounded Self, and the Reconfiguration of Significant Others – Eric D. Widmer/Marlène Sapin: Families on the Move. Insights on Family Configurations of Individuals. Undergoing Psychotherapy – Marlène Sapin/Eric D. Widmer/Catalina Radulescu: Social Isolation or Relational Instability? Family Configurations of Women at Risk of Child Abandonment – Rossana Trifiletti: Paid and Unpaid Caregivers: How Damaged Family Configurations May Be Enforced or Reconstituted – David H. J. Morgan: Acquaintances: Their Position within Webs of Relationships – Catherine Bonvalet/Eva Lelièvre: Entourage: A Web of Relationships in Reference Spaces – Eric D. Widmer/Riitta Jallinoja: Afterthoughts.