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Italian National Identity in the Scramble for Africa

Italy’s African Wars in the Era of Nation-building, 1870-1900

Giuseppe Finaldi

Contents: Empire in Italy’s Age of Prose: Defining a ‘Culture of Colonialism’ and the Italian Case - Italian Culture in the Years of the ‘Prima Guerra d’Africa’ – The Vehicles of Italy’s ‘Culture of Colonialism’: Newspapers - Books and the Publishing ‘Industry’ - Broadsheets - Novels, Plays and Puppet Shows - Patriotic Ephemera - Schools and School Text Books - The Local Commune, Clubs and Associations - The Church - The Eritrean Display at the Palermo National Exhibition – Themes and Meanings: Risorgimento to Colonialism - Classical Colonialism - The Italian ‘White Man’s Burden’ - Recasting the Nation in Africa.