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Drawing the Dragon

Western European Reinvention of China


Zhijian Tao

Contents: The Long and the Dragon – Contending Positions on «Orientalism» – Sir John Mandeville and His Exotic Desires – Scope of Study – Enlightenment: The Problem of Civility and Government: Leibniz’s Hallucinations - Montesquieu: An Opposite View – Imperialism. Theoretical Foundations: Hegel: China and World History - Tragic Contradiction: China and Political Economy - The Encyclopaedic Vision – Practical Imperialism and the Literary Culture: Goldsmith: Portrait of a Citizen - Coleridge’s Reveries - Landor’s Caricatures - De Quincey: Opium and Power - Cartoons in Punch – Picturing the Dao. «Other» than Logocentrism?: Derrida’s Use of the Pictographic Poetics - The Mist around the Chinese Script - The Dao and the Logos - Dao and Différance – Toward a Cultural Dialogue.