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Non-technological and non-economic innovations

Contributions to a theory of robust innovation

Steffen Roth

Contents: Steffen Roth: Introduction: Towards a Theory of Robust Innovation – Lukas Scheiber: Economy and Technology: About the Hard Core of Innovation and Its Future Change – Veronique Favre-Bonte/Elodie Gardet/Catherine Thevenard-Puthod: A Typology of Innovations in Retail Banking – Hardik Vachhrajani: The Role of Non-Technological Innovations in the Growth of the Engineering Industry, Economy and Society of Rajkot (India) – Hans-Werner Franz: Social Science Production or Social Innovation by Social Production of Science? – Nikolay Trofimov: Organizational and Managerial Innovations in Large Companies and Their Impact on Technological Innovations and Innovation Strategies – Alexander Kesselring: Social Innovation in Private Companies: An Exploratory Empirical Study – Jens Aderhold: Rationalities of Innovation – Jari Kaivo-oja: Integrating Innovation and Foresight Research Activities: Key Models and Challenges in Non-Technical and Non-Economic Innovation Actions – Valentina Pomazan/Lucian Petcu: Innovation Indicators for Scientific and Technical Higher Education – Hugues Jeannerat/Olivier Crevoisier: From Proximity to Multi-Location Territorial Knowledge Dynamics: The Case of the Swiss Watch Industry.