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Northern Lights

Translation in the Nordic Countries

B.J. Epstein

Contents: B. J. Epstein: Introduction – Gudrun Rawoens: Causative Constructions in Swedish and Danish: A Study of Translation Patterns – Jan Ragnar Hagland: On Translating Icelandic Sagas and the Problem of Skaldic Verse – Karita Kerkkä: On Subtitling Name-Calling in Crime Films – Spencer Allman: Comparing Authored and Translated Texts in English - «Lost lexis»: The Translation into English of the Finnish Word «Suuri» – Karin Axelsson: Tag Questions in Translations between English and Swedish – Pernilla Danielsson: Jag höll på att skriva (kärleksfulla): A Closer Look at the Use of the Progressive Form in Translations between Swedish and English – Eric Dickens: Macaronics, Regionalism, and Translation in Finland-Swedish Literature – Kirsten Malmkjær: Wreaking Havoc: On Forgetting the Poetry in the Prose – Frankie Shackelford: Establishing the Voice of Conjecture in Translating Biographical Fiction – Björn Sundmark: «But the Story Itself Is Intact» (Or Is It?): The Case of the English Translations of The Further Adventures of Nils – Turið Sigurðardóttir: Translation in Faroese Children’s Literature – B. J. Epstein: In Name Only? Translating Names in Children’s Literature – Douglas Robinson: Adding a Voice or Two: Translating Pentti Saarikoski for a Novel – Britta Kallevang: Donald Davidson’s Triangulation at Work in Saarikoski, Hollo, and Trilogy – Rennesa Osterberg: The Elusiveness of Language: Translation as Transformation – Martin Ringmar: «I had the misfortune of being introduced by a rotten translation»: On Halldór Laxness’s Relations with Translators and His Views on Translations – Marjatta Liljeström: Translation and Interpreting in a Formal Nordic Co-operation – Kenn Nakata Steffensen: Denmark’s Invisible Empire: The Politics of Translating the Danish Constitutional Order – Amanda Hopkinson: Reader to Reader or From One Page to Another: A Contextualized Case Study of How Nordic Literature is Finding a British Audience.